Event App Features

Every essential information about your event in the palm of your attendees

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  • quick access to joined events
  • event search
  • QR code access for events
  • "join by code" access for events

Event information

  • essential information
  • social links
  • upcoming and live sessions
  • sponsors with sponsor profile and sponsored sessions
  • maps


  • speaker profiles
  • speaker information
  • social links
  • embedded YouTube videos
  • speaker's sessions list

Exhibitors new

  • exhibitor profiles
  • exhibitor information
  • exhibitors's sessions list
  • embedded YouTube videos
  • file attachments as links

Public Attendee Profiles new

  • help attendees to start networking
  • attendee information
  • social links
  • optional - so attendees can create and delete public profiles any time to keep their privacy first


  • session information
  • session search
  • filter sessions by dates and categories
  • session's speakers list
  • embedded YouTube videos
  • file attachments

Polls new

  • Real-time poll results
  • 20 options per poll
  • Restricted to only registered users, to keep the results valid


  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Report


  • Push notifications
  • assign speakers
  • assign sessions
  • assign links


  • bookmark sessions
  • filter sessions by bookmark

Venue Map

  • get to know the venue
  • pinch to zoom
  • pan to move

Dark Mode (iOS 13+)

  • optimized colors and look for low light
  • eye-friendly in the dark

And much more...

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