Dashboard Features

Easy-to-use dashboard to manage your events

Main Dashboard

  • switch between your events
  • multiple simultaneous events
  • quick start a new event

Event info

  • event information
  • event logo
  • social links
  • location
  • QR code and download links
  • QR code SVG download for print materials

Categorise sessions

  • add multiple categories
  • make it as colourful as you wish
  • sessions can be assigned to categories

Add sessions

  • basic information about the session
  • assign categories
  • assign speakers
  • assign sponsors
  • YouTube video
  • link attachments
  • location inside the venue
  • save as draft for later

Add speakers

  • basic information
  • social links
  • YouTube video
  • save as draft for later

Add sponsors

  • basic information about the sponsor
  • predefined sponsor tiers
  • YouTube video
  • social links


  • straight to your attendees' phones
  • instant push notification delivery


  • daily graph of joined users
  • see the past 7 days


  • Import your event with a click
  • Fill out the sample files we provide, and that's it

It's cool, isn't it?!

Give it a FREE test drive, and discover it yourself