Branded Event App

Tailored for your brand, alluring for your attendees

Your brand +
the features of iventlist

Your event on your attendees' home screen. — Get exclusivity for your event/conference with a branded event app. The completely standalone app contains ONLY your event, to offer a clutter-free experience for your attendees. The apps also run under your name and brand in the App Store and Play Store.

Your brand, your appearance

Customize the colors of the apps to reflect your brand's look and feel. The branded app tier allows you use your own home screen icon, login screen assets, and a custom color palette. This way your attendees get closer to your event and brand.

Your event powered by a dedicated cloud instance

To separate your event from other events we offer you a separated/private cloud instance and dashboard.

Start your standalone,
branded event app today

Drop us a message about your event, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.