New features has arrived with iventlist 1.6

November 4, 2019 3:19 pm

The newest edition of iventlist, version 1.6.0, brings cool new features and refinements which the event holders will appreciate and the attendees will enjoy.

Let’s jump right into it:


Venue Map

We have already supported maps and navigation to the location of the event. The next step was to add this option for the venue map. Based on our customers feedback they indicated the need of a simple, image-based venue map format for this feature. Because of this straightforward and easy to use solution, the event holders can set up the venue map quickly and the attendees can browse and navigate based on it in the client applications easily.



This feature extends the functionality of the filters on the Agenda screen. Every attendee is different. Everyone is interested in a session on a different topic or category. With our category filters, it is easy to find sessions for personal taste. But now with bookmarking, it is easy to bookmark these sessions and filter on it. Building up your schedule for the event which contains all the sessions that are interesting for you is easier than ever.


Dark Mode Support for iOS 13+

Apple introduced Dark Mode for iPhones/iPads with the iOS 13 software update. This feature offers optimized colors and a new look for low light environments which is ideal during conference presentations. Iventlist already has a great UI for the light environments, but with version 1.6 we adopted the dark mode support which makes it easier for the eyes in the dark.


Besides these cool, new features, we’ve made several refinements under the hood to deliver the best experience for you. The event holders can create their events in minutes on the iventlist dashboard. With the iOS and Android client applications, the attendees can reach every necessary information about the event.

We will continuously work hard to evolve and iterate this service to extend the power of the events and conferences.

You can find the updated client applications in the stores. (App Store and Play Store) If you are an event holder you can start creating your own event for FREE on the iventlist dashboard.