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We believe in sharing ideas and knowledge. Many people gathered in a room, and a microphone – every event starts that way. Elevate this experience further with iventlist.

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We believe that an easy to use, hussle-free app experience is essential to make your attendees satisfied.  

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Create your own event/conference in minutes, and it becomes instantly available on both major mobile platforms, iOS 10+ and Android 5+

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With our cloud-based system, the changes you make to your event are instantly visible for every attendee

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Full control over your event with the iventlist dashboard.


Manage multiple events at once and get daily insights

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Add every essential information about your event

Set details

Add details about the speakers, sessions, sponsors

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Reach your attendees instantly by sending them notifications

Do you need a standalone, branded event app?

Have a look at what you can achieve with our branded app service

Make an event app that your attendees enjoy using

Event information, list of speakers, sessions, and more... Iventlist provides an elegant and easy to use stack for events on various scales.